Docusign Keeps Things Moving

July 16th, 2019

Utilizing Docusign for electronic signatures has been one of best, if not THE best decision we've made in our business. We were 'ahead of the curve', and implemented this into our transactions over ten years ago. It sometimes requires a little hand-holding for our clients, but as time has passed, more and more people are already comfortable with digital activities such as this --- many other areas of business offer similar programs.


  • Sequential signing/routing order
  • Secure fields/data tabs for collecting client information
  • Shared email support
  • Advanced Correct – edit the envelope or documents while it is still in process
  • Templates – automates document tagging and workflow beyond signatures and initials
  • Resizable signing tabs
  • Email Reminders and expirations
  • Fax upload
  • Mobile/PDA signing support
  • iPad Support
  • Phone Authentication
  • REALTOR® branded signature (NAR members only)

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