Why Choose Us

Maximizing your net gain is our goal, and we follow these steps to help achieve that goal.

Initial Preparation—when your property is listed, we focus immediately on securing all required inspections and reports. Upfront completion saves time and hassle, and we schedule these at your convenience and as soon as possible. They include:

  • Physical inspection
  • Zoning inspection
  • Pest inspection
  • Geological report
  • Mold/radon inspection
  • Sewer lateral and septic inspections
  • Fireplace/chimney inspection
  • Pool/spa inspection

If additional inspections/reports apply to your property, we’ll handle those, too.

On the same day we arrange for these activities, we schedule:

  • Professional measurements/floor plan drawings
  • Professional still photos
  • Professional videography, including drone aerials
  • Price evaluation based on statistics from comparable sold properties, and on price opinions we get from the selected agents/brokers we ask to preview your property

When reports are completed and pricing statistics compiled, we meet with you to review all. At that point, we determine the price that will both reflect your property’s condition and engage buyer interest.We then put your property on the market, with detailed report packets ready for prospective buyers. These enable your potential buyers to make informed offers—and help you sell your property in “as is” condition.

Our solid, detailed preparation consistently pays off. You sell at the highest price possible and secure the greatest net proceeds.Our streamlined expertise helps generate this outcome smoothly, and in a timely fashion.

Yes, we do call this our win/win/win!